Stages of the Appointments Process

All stages of the process are managed by email. Candidates are welcome to submit documents by post.


1. Application

Application and reference stage

All new candidates must apply either by completing the LDBS application form or the SGOSS application form

Two references sought

2. Appointments Panel

The Panel considers all documentation to inform their decisions.

Appointments Panel meets monthly to review documentation

Form a decision to approve, decline or request further information

Candidate notified of Appointments Panel decision

3. The Governor Pool

A database of candidates listing skills, experience & boroughs in which they would prefer to serve

External candidates – after approval by the Appointments Panel candidates are entered into the Governor Pool which is shared with schools searching for governors.

Internal candidates – after approval by the Appointments Panel candidates who have been nominated by a school will go straight to stage 5; the appointment.

4. The School

All candidates must visit the school to ensure it is a good match for both parties

This stage is for external candidates on the Governor Pool

Share Governor Pool with Chairs and Headteachers looking to fill a LDBS Foundation Governor vacancy

School selects candidates from the Governor Pool based on skills, experience and location

School notifies LDBS which candidate or candidates they wish to speak or meet with

LDBS notifies candidate/s of school interest

School and candidate liaise directly to organise a school visit

School initiates internal recruitment process

Candidate identity check at school

School notifies LDBS and the candidate of decision

5. Appointment

Appointment letter is sent to all parties

Consent form completed by candidate

Appointment letter issued by LDBS to newly appointed governor, Chair, Headteacher and Clerk