Mayfair’s only Church of England Primary school is doubling exercise provision for pupils by introducing new sports and improving its playground.

The school is working closely with the YMCA, with which it already has a close relationship, to increase children’s opportunities for physical education (PE). 

From December, specialist coaches from the YMCA will be coming into the school for 2 days a week to deliver PE lessons to Years 2, 3, 5 and 6. In January, this will increase to 3 days a week to include Reception and Year 1. The school’s aim is to provide a range of sports and fitness activities for each class. This will include various sports, gymnastics, fitness and rhythmic music.

The PE taught throughout the school will be sequential and progressive. This means that the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding of PE and sports will build and embed as they move up the school. The children will also be having two hours of taught PE per week.

Alongside this, The YMCA will be working closely with the school to improve the playground provision for the children.

The school will be introducing daily lunchtime games and fitness activities for each class led by a specialist coach to engage the children. The playground will be developed into zoned areas for these activities to take place.

All the playground supervisors will be enrolled in a course led by specialists in managing effective playtimes. A PE specialist from the YMCA will be meeting playground supervisors each half term to support, organise timetables and half-termly curricular resources for zoned areas of playground.

The school will also be auditing and improving the range of PE, playground resources to ensure that the new programme does what it is intended to do.

In the summer term the school will be running an Active Week. This will give the whole school the opportunity to engage in a healthy lifestyle themed week with extra physical activities. The children will attend extra fitness and fun events, including participating in 20 minutes extra activity before school.

St George’s Hanover Square Church of England Primary School is one of the most historic schools in London and has been in Mayfair since 1703. New pupils are welcome.