We are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain visas for overseas teachers especially in the latter part of last year / beginning of this year.  The Home Office have cut down allocations for the year beginning 1st April 2018 to 20,700. THE ALLOCATION OF 20,700 IS NOT JUST FOR TEACHERS – it covers all professions;  there is a monthly allocation of visas using a points system for professionals earning £30,000 and above and preference has been given to those earners on higher salaries of £55,000+ for the April 2018 allocation.

One of our schools’ has a Canadian teacher sitting in Canada where he has had to return as his visa expired and despite us making an application we were turned down due to points.  Over the last few months the Home Office has only been considering applicants who have a Ph.D. or earn more than £55 000pa.  This is becoming a growing problem in recruiting teachers especially in London where there is a known teacher shortage.  Click on the video below to learn more.


video credits: Marc Ashdown – BBC London