St. Michael at Bowes C.E. Junior School in Palmers Green, N13, recently gained a new mural installation, donated by artist SHOK-1 who spray paints unique X-ray murals on walls around the world. Photos from a professional shoot taking place soon will appear on SHOK’s website.

The mural is entitled ‘Eureka’ and depicts an X-ray of one of those little bulbs you probably remember from your science lessons. It symbolises the moment at which learning ‘clicks’ and understanding, inspiration or enlightenment comes. 

“Little people with big ideas” as SHOK says. The artist explains, “When I was working out what I thought would be the perfect picture for the project, I had a bit of a eureka moment myself, suddenly imagining those little bulbs as the children of normal bulbs. So  could use that image to symbolise the children of SMAB…then I realised that the bulbs actually look like little faces so it seemed perfect.”

Rays of lightship out of the bulb to represent enlightenment, in the shape of an ‘X’ to represent the unknown. The mural was painted during lockdown to coincide with the children coming back to school after this difficult period. He hopes it will provide inspiration and enjoyment to both children and adults alike.