History and About Us


Who We Are

The LDBS is a Christian organisation committed to supporting and nurturing our family of 163 Church of England Schools in the Diocese of London.

What We Do

Key purposes of the LDBS are “to promote church schools” and “to promote education which is consistent with the faith and practice of the Church of England”.

To achieve these purposes, we support our 163 Church of England Schools, 2 community schools and a community nursery in a variety of ways. Our advisers work with schools to support them to give the best education they can to the children in our care. Our HR service supports our schools’ greatest asset, their staff. Our building team work with schools to create excellent learning environments and work with new schools to make an idea a reality and our school development team work with schools and the community to bring more Church of England school places to the growing population of London and Surrey. Our Recruitment Team help recruit enthusiastic and talented teachers for our schools and LDBS is an “A rated” sponsor for Tier 2 visas for overseas trained teachers and Tier 4 student visas switching into Tier 2 visas. We also offer a range of training courses to help support school staff and governors in their personal development.