HR Services


Outline of service

We provide two HR packages:

Silver Package

  • Unlimited telephone, email and face-to-face support on the management of grievance, disciplinary and capability procedures, sickness absence, parental complaints and any other related issues.
  • Support on employment law and good practice guidance.
  • Help in establishing effective working relationships with trade unions.
  • Advice and guidance on TUPE in relation to outsourcing services and academisation.
  • Coaching and advice on the application of policies.
  • Attendance by a member of the HR support team at Governors’ HR hearings, including pay appeals.
  • Advice on managing organisational change.
  • Support and advice on the negotiation of settlement agreements.
  • Advice on performance management.
  • Advice on contracts of employment, staffing structures, job descriptions, Employment Tribunals and insurance matters.
  • Mediation between member of staff, parents and your school.
  • Occupational health pay-as-you go services through one of our partnerships.
  • DBS checking service and counter-signatory service.
  • Payroll services through our partnership with Strictly Education.

Cost from 1st April 2018: £60 for each employee of the school at that date.

Gold Package

We offer all the above plus:

  • Drafting on contracts and variation on behalf of your school.
  • Audit of staff files, single central records and administration systems within your school
  • On-site training in contracts and administration at your school.
  • Preparation of documentation and packs for HR hearings.

Cost from 1st April 2018: £70 for each employee of the school at that date.



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