The day began with seven live collective worships in year groups.  Children had the opportunity to engage, reflect and pray together.  Easter – a sign of hope was the theme of the worship.

Children enjoyed once again engaging in a number of prayer stations that focused on some of the major themes identified in the passion narrative: joy, friendship, repentance, forgiveness, thankfulness, hope.  One prayer station provided children with the opportunity to ask the big questions of life.

It is only when we pause and still ourselves, we can really discover what is going on deep within ourselves.  Such days allow for this and we can see the value in them for both children and staff.

As a deanery, we would encourage other schools to have a go if you haven’t already done so.  It is worth it.

All the children appreciated the time and space to reflect upon our RE learning around the Easter Unit we have just done this half term.  They particularly enjoyed discussing and supporting each other in exploring their hopes and dreams, which meant that I learnt a lot about their hopes and dreams, that I wouldn’t have ordinarily learnt about them.”  Miss Rushworth Year 5