Key Stage 2 Class Teacher

Closing date: 26th Mar 2018 Borough: Islington Position: Class Teacher
Interview Date: 27th Mar 2018 Salary: £30,155 - £47,298 School: St Andrew's (Barnsbury) C of E Primary School

Post Title: KS2 Class Teacher
Grade: MPR2– 6/UPR1-3 with potential for a TLR to lead a core subject for the right candidate
School: St Andrew’s (Barnsbury) CE Primary School, Matilda Street, London, N1 0LB.
0207 8374049

This job description should be read alongside the range of duties of teachers set out in Part XI of the annual School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document.
Members of staff should at all times, work within the framework provided by the School’s Policy statements to fulfil the general aims and objectives of the School Development Plan.

The post holder will agree major objectives with the Head teacher. These objectives will include:

1. Achieving the highest possible standards of Education for pupils.
2. Meeting the needs of pupils and to improve the level of achievement in this area across the school.
3. Experienced Teachers and NQTs will be considered for this position.

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In addition, please note the following: CVs will not be accepted.
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The teacher is responsible to the Head teacher.


The teacher will work in liaison, contact and co-operation with:

– Other members of staff
– Members of London Diocese Board of Schools (LDBS) and borough support and advisory services
– Organisations and networks relevant to the teacher’s specialism or subject
– Parents, governors and the local community


The teacher will work within the framework of:

– National legislation, including Education Acts from 1944 to 1993, the SEN Code of Practice and the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Act
– School policies and guidelines on the curriculum and school organisation
– LDBS and LA policies and guidelines, in particular those relating to curricular aims, principles and equality


1. Planning
To plan and prepare courses, schemes of work and individual lessons, appropriate to the needs, interests, experience and existing knowledge of the pupils in the class.
2. Setting and supervising work
To teach a class, or classes, sets, groups or individual pupils, and to set tasks to be undertaken both at school and elsewhere, having regard for the requirements of the National Curriculum.
3. Marking and Recording
To mark and assess pupils’ work and to record their development, progress and attainment,
having regard to the requirements of the national curriculum and to inform future planning and ensure differentiation.
4. Discipline and Relationships
To maintain good order, discipline and respect for others among pupils, to promote understanding of the school’s rules and values; to safeguard health and safety, to develop relationships with and between pupils conducive to optimum learning.
5. Communication with parents
To build and maintain co-operative relationships with parents and to communicate with them on pupils’ learning and progress, drawing attention to special skills and talents as well as to problems or difficulties.
6. Displays and environment
To maintain an attractive and stimulating learning environment and contribute to displays in the school as a whole.
7. Overall policy and review
To take part in whole-school reviews of policy and aims and in the revision of formulation of guidelines.
8. Reports
To provide or contribute to oral and written assessments, reports and references, relating to the development and learning of individual pupils and groups of pupils, having regard to the requirements of the national curriculum.
9. Review
To evaluate and review own teaching methods, materials and schemes of work and to make changes as appropriate.
10. Professional
To keep-up-to-date with current educational thinking and practice, both by study and by attendance at courses, workshops and meetings; to participate in national or local arrangements for appraisal of staff performance.
11. Corporate life
To take part in the corporate life of the school by, for example, attending collective worship, registering the attendance of pupils and supervising pupils before and after school sessions. To support the Christian Ethos of the school.

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