John Keble School, in Harlesden, identified a clear need for their young people to have access to stimulating lessons beyond the classroom walls. The school is situated in an urban area; the majority of their young people live in flats and hostels with no access to a garden.

Catherine Allard, Headteacher said: “In designing this outdoor classroom, we wanted our young people to have opportunities to experience the natural world, including wildlife, to have an understanding of a healthy lifestyle (exercise and diet) and to benefit from a flexible space that would benefit their mental health. This outdoor classroom will ensure that the horizons of all our young people are broadened through learning in an interactive, hands-on outdoors space. The space will also help to address the imbalance of childhood experience that many of them experience as a result of poverty and inner city. Curriculum work will include science, art, design technology, literacy and maths activities as well as helping children understand how to live a healthy lifestyle“.

This outdoor space can now provide young people with opportunities to build confidence outside the classroom walls and a quiet, natural space in which they can relax and breathe cleaner air or in which they can find a peaceful environment to enjoy reading and other quiet activities.