LDBS Academies Trust

Excellence and Equity for All Children in a Christian Context

The London Diocesan Board for Schools has formed LDBS Academies Trust, which includes seven schools located across North London.
The Trust has been set up to establish, maintain, manage and develop Church of England Schools in this area of London.
We are proud of the religious and ethnic diversity in our schools and wish to ensure that all children are cherished and helped to live life in all its fullness.

The family of schools comprises:
Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School, Tottenham
St Ann’s Church of England Primary School, Tottenham
St Michael’s Church of England Primary School, Wood Green
St Paul’s & All Hallows Church of England Infants School, Tottenham
St Paul’s & All Hallows Church of England Junior School, Tottenham
Millbrook Park Church of England Primary School, Mill Hill East
St Andrew’s & St Francis Church of England Primary School, Willesden

The LDBS Academies Trust has a small board of directors which oversees the schools through its Chief Executive; each school has a Local Academy Committee which looks after the day-to-day operation of their school.
Working together, schools are able to share knowledge, experience and ideas to reach their goals and improve pupils’ education.
LDBS Academies Trust is a company limited by guarantee, registered Charity number 8182235.

Chief Executive: Elizabeth Wolverson T:020 7932 1154 E:elizabeth.wolverson@london.anglican.org
Assistant Company Secretary: Amy Norton T:020 7932 1177 E:amy.norton@london.anglican.org
Finance Manager: Piers Winrow T:020 7932 1149 E:piers.winrow@london.anglican.org
Administrative Assistant: Camilla Stefani T:020 3837 5311 E:camilla.stefani@london.anglican.org

LDBS Academies Trust is growing and aims to support all Diocese Schools who will become Academies.

For more details and information, please visit the LDBS Academies Trust website.