Re-Appointments Process

Most LDBS Foundation Governors serve a four year term of office; near the end of their term the LDBS will correspond with the school to ascertain whether the school wishes to re-appoint the governor based on their attendance and performance.

To re-appoint a governor the school must complete and return to the LDBS two Re-Appointment Questionnaires, these must be completed by the Deputy, Headteacher or Chair.

The Appointments Panel will review these questionnaires and consider the current needs of the school, the governor’s attendance at meetings, and whether the governor has attended training during the course of their term.


Stages of the Re-Appointments Process


All correspondence is completed electronically, however candidates are welcome to submit documents by post

1.    School Questionnaire Two Re-Appointment Questionnaires completed by the school


2.    Appointments Panel Appointments Panel meets monthly

Review documentation

Decision to approve, decline or request further information

3.    Appointment Consent and declaration form completed by governor

Re-Appointment letter issued by LDBS to governor, Chair and Headteacher