RE & Worship

RE Syllabus

The new diocesan Religious Education Syllabus can be accessed here (choose RE syllabus 2017 or RE Syllabus Archive on Category), along with the number of other documents which we hope will support the delivery of curriculum. Units are still in the process of being edited and will be placed on the website as they become available.

   Overview of the RE Syllabus                                Proposed Structure of the Syllabus                                  KS3 RE Guidelines


RE and Worship

The London Diocesan Board for Schools is keen to help schools raise the standard of religious education and collective worship in schools.

We can tailor a programme to suit your school’s needs.
  • lead INSET sessions and train staff
  • provide curriculum advice
  • help to draw up Collective Worship policy documents, including applications for a ‘determination’ or ‘determination’ renewal
  • observe, support and work alongside individual teachers in the classroom
  • assist in preparing for (or responding to) SIAMS inspection
  • arrange school visits to places of worship and other relevant locations for field work in RE recommend appropriate resources
  • deliver presentations on RE to governors, parents and the wider school community
  • advise on issues arising from the interface between religion and school life, for example in connection with diet and dress

Please contact us on Tel: 020 7932 1148 to find out how we can help your school.