Strand 2: Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills


SIAMS Schedule:

In this strand the inspector must explore:

• How well the school’s staff and leaders apply their Christian vision to ensure curriculum and extra– curricular opportunities meet the academic and spiritual needs of all learners.

In developing Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills in a Church school, school leaders are advised to use these self-evaluation questions when completing the SIAMS SEF:

a) How effective is the school at meeting the academic needs of all pupils through the curriculum? How effective is the school in identifying and supporting those who are more vulnerable and who may have additional learning and personal needs?
b) How well does the school support all pupils in their spiritual development, enabling all pupils to flourish?

Recommended resources to support Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills

• Pause for Reflection by Jumping Fish
• Pause to Reflect on Values by Jumping Fish
• Creating a multi-sensory spiritual garden in your school. By Shahne Vickery
• Children’s Spirituality by Rebecca Nye
• Opening Wisdom: Spiritual development in the primary school. Available from the Stapleford Centre

Useful Websites

Supporting Documents

LDBS Spirituality Policy