Recruitment and Retention Service

Our specialist recruitment & retention service can help you find the people you need

It will:

  • Assist schools with discounted advertising in TES for all teaching posts.
  • Free advertising on the LDBS website for all vacancies.
  • Provide access to the LDBS pool of newly qualified primary and secondary teachers through both the LDBS SCITT and our national recruitment programme.
  • Make available application forms, interview notes and interview panel recommendations for candidates in the NQT Pool.
  • Liaise with candidates on behalf of the school.
  • Inform schools of teachers (other than NQT’s) who wish to work in LDBS schools.
  • Assist with other recruitment needs including short and longer term vacancies.
  • Advise schools on QTS status for overseas trained teachers.
  • Advise schools on sponsorship for non EU teachers


A headteacher and an adviser interview all NQTs before they are admitted to the NQT pool. We work on your behalf to find the candidates who will match closely to your person specification. We forward application forms promptly and keep you informed of any changes.

For more details please contact T: 020 7932 1148 E:

For details on the NQT Training Programme please see the training brochure.