Recruitment Service 2017/18


Our specialist recruitment service can help you find the people you need

  • Marketing and profile raising of the LDBS family of schools within educational and church communities including representation at recruitment fairs
  • Access to candidates from the talent pool N.B. A finders fee will be charged if a candidate from the pool is appointed.
  • Advertising jobs on the LDBS website
  • Advice on QTS for overseas trained teachers
  • Advise on sponsorship for non-EU teachers


Recruitment advertising package


Guardian Jobs 

School can place an unlimited number of adverts on Guardian jobs for a one off annual fee. This covers all roles including leadership and support, full and part time.



5% discount on subscriptions brokered through LDBS i.e. where LDBS is actively involved in negotiating the package (schools should contact us first).


Finder’s Service

We provide a talent pool for the primary and secondary schools, which includes NQTs and more experienced teachers. If you appoint one of our candidates we will charge a finder’s fee. We will pay your school a bonus if a candidate you refer to the talent pool is appointed to another school.


Primary Schools  Secondary Schools 
Core subscribing Non subscribing Core subscribing

Non subscribing

Advertising Service


£1000 £500


Finder’s Service £400 £1000 £600



For more details please contact T: 020 7932 1178 E:

For details on the NQT Training Programme please see the training brochure.