Pupils from St John’s Highbury Vale Primary School in Islington are creating an art project to remember all those who have died from Covid-19 in London.

The pupil led idea for the project came up after a pupil heard the death toll in the UK has reached 125,000. It is hoped that the art project with be considered for the Royal Academy Summer Show. 

Earlier this month the pupils appealed in the local press for more Plus Plus blocks to help them with the project. 

One of the pupils leading the project said: “I came up with the idea after Mum told me to play with something that didn’t have a screen. I saw the headline of 100,000 people dying from Covid and couldn’t imagine what such a big number looks like. I hope that the artwork shows the impact that the virus has had on our lives.”

The school have been delighted to support their pupils with this idea.

Mrs Lindsey Hodgson, Interim Head of School said: “We considered this art project idea very carefully. We have been able to use the project as a way of discussing the pandemic and supporting children’s questions. Children watch the news and are aware of what is going on; here at St John’s Highbury Vale and through this pupil led idea and project, we have been able to speak sensitively about what is happening in our community due to the pandemic.”

To donate to the Plus Plus project contact St John’s Highbury Vale School or countingcovid@gmail.com

The project has also been featured on ITV London News. You can see the video of that here.