The Soho Food Feast was a triumph once again, raising a whopping £42,136.41 for Soho Parish School.

Soho Parish School are so thankful for their wonderful staff, parents and friends without whom this event would not be possible. The Food Feast is planned, organised and completely staffed by volunteers and the school want to thank every one for this sustaining boost to their budget each year. As a small school, the future is never certain and this event plays a huge part in keeping the only school in Soho open and thriving.

The key ingredient in the Food Feast is of course the restaurants and bars, and Soho Parish School are so grateful for the support of this important Soho community. All restaurants contribute their staff, time and ingredients, and the bars provide their time and equipment, so if you pass any of these wonderful establishments (or are lucky enough to eat in one) do please say thank you!

The school are also most grateful to Rev. Simon Buckley, of St. Anne’s, who was there throughout the weekend and could be spotted holding either a mic (on the raffle) or a broom at various points. The use of the church hall and gardens is also an essential ingredient (to continue the food metaphor). The Soho Society also deserve huge thanks for lending their office so that the school can keep everything secure and have essential access to electricity.

The biggest thanks of all goes to the committee behind this event: Anna, Steven, Lucy, Mayowa and Tracey. Anna Ashford, the event organiser, made sure everything ran like clockwork, ably assisted all along by the wonderful Steven Tooley (Deputy Head and now semi-professional event organiser!). Lucy Tammam did a phenomenal job of organising all the volunteers. On top of that they were all there from 8am to 8pm each day making sure the whole thing ran smoothly.

All the DJs and acts also performed free and the school would like to thank DJs Eren, James, Miles Copeland and Dave Flack and as well as Serena Clara, Bee Bakare and Sound Choir. The acts that brought the house down were the two school rock bands and the school were so pleased to secure these headliners. Thanks Alejandro and Stuart too!

Paul Yusuf (School Site Manager) is often an un-sung hero at these events, but his efforts before, during and after the Food Feast must be specially noted. Soho Parish School couldn’t do it without you, Paul!

Thanks too, to the sponsors (see last page) particularly the major event sponsors Shaftesbury plc., Hearst Magazines (including Good Housekeeping) and Greater London Properties.