We are delighted to announce that St Jérôme C E Bilingual School is the second school in the United Kingdom to be awarded the prestigious Label France Education for outstanding provision in the teaching of the French language by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. This is an exceptionally important accolade and milestone in the development of our school. The award enables St Jérôme to join a network of the best schools around the world teaching and promoting the French language. Inspectors and government officials who visited the school in the summer term commented on the exceptional ease and fluency with which our children could speak, read and write in the French language. They noted the strong progress that was evident from Early Years to the end of Key Stage 1 and the way in which the children’s knowledge and understanding of French was also supporting their learning in English.
We are immensely proud of our children and the staff team who have worked tirelessly to ensure that all children are passionate and confident linguists.
St Jérôme look forward to the many positive benefits that being part of this network of schools will provide, which will include opportunities for staff and children at the school to engage with a wide range of French speakers around the world.
Benoît le Dévédec, French Language Attaché in London has written in a letter received by the school: Congratulations again to your school, teachers, pupils, and parents for all your efforts and commitment to promoting French and bilingual education in the UK. Your school has now officially joined a network of 395 Labelled bilingual schools serving about 142 000 pupils across 59 countries, and becomes the 2ndLabelFrancEducation school in the UK’.

Revd. Norris, Mrs Walton and Mme. Chadier and the entire team at St Jérôme School thank parents and carers for their commitment to our school and their child’s learning.