Trent CE Primary School, Barnet have currently between 65 and 68 children from the age of 4 (Reception) to 11 yr olds (Year 6) from a total of 208 pupils, who regularly give up their lunch time play and 16 that attend our after school gardening club, to learn, work and play in our modest school garden, achieving success in numerous horticultural projects.

2015 and 2016 saw our school winning “Best Educational School Garden in Barnet” sponsored by Finchley Nurseries, the splendid trophy was presented by the Mayor of Barnet.

We made making paper-mache ‘Seed Hearts’ for Valentines Day, raising £96:00 for our garden.

Four Year 4 girls designed and built five novelty bird nest boxes, which were a Castle, Beach Hut, Georgian cottage, Blue terraced house and a Church, complete with bell tower. These were auctioned to parents and bids reached a total of £197:00 for North London Hospice.

In April and May we designed and built a 1m x 1m garden for R.H.S. “Budding Gardeners” Competition held at R.H.S. Wisley, the theme ‘Famous Five’. Ours was titled “Famous Five go Jurassic!” 10 children and staff travelled to Wisley to build the garden for judging. We were very proud to win GOLD, and The Curators Award! Which was an engraved garden trowel.

Our Spring flowers did not go to waste as we made up bouquets that were bought by parents raising £40.00 for our garden. This was swiftly followed by a plant sale of the flowers and vegetables sown and tended by the children. Due to hard selling by the pupils we raised £153:00 to boost our garden planting area. Eco-Warriors are hosting an afternoon tea for parents to chat, socialise meet in our lush garden.

At the beginning of July we are taking 20 children from years 1, 3 & 5 to Hampton Court Flower Show to view all exhibits AND our ‘Scarecrow’ entry for this years competition, which comprises of a 6 foot 8 armed bright orange centipede!

A calm, peaceful ‘teepee’ was erected in our garden where children can read our chat or just sit, 12 large pots support 8’ bamboo canes which have sweet pea, runner beans, nasturtiums, beetroot, clematis and sunflowers growing up towards the centre, it is a riot of colour.
Lastly we gathered together to collect snails for our ‘Racing Day’, we put them in the centre of the board with lettuce around the outside, between were various ‘obstacles’ (deterrents) coffee grounds, broken egg shells, sand, gravel, banana skins, tar paper and stones and a ring of copper. The results were duly noted and now we have lots of ‘humane’ protection for our crops.